I follow quite a number of groups that have global audience and I read comments on different YouTube videos just to have a wider outlook on how people who are not Nigerians think. Real life people now, not Hollywood.

Anyways, I just saw a comment on a post where someone said, “Americans can take medicine for someone else’s headache” and I laughed so hard because it sounded so familiar, only this time, it would have carried Nigerians.

I always tell people who I have the opportunity to chat with or who I see their comment and they go Nigerians this, Nigerians that, Nigerians are this way, Nigerians are that way …

Believe it or not, there is nothing special about our “Nigerianness.” That thing you are complaining about, rest assured other countries also think it is simply their people who do the same.

I have even seen a “Filipinos can …” comment as well that could have been substituted for Nigerians.

The worst are even those who have inferiority idea of how the whites have a higher moral compass than we do.

I remember reading a post of a single mother who was talking about how wrong it is for sons to hold on obsessively to their mother because she raised them single-handedly.

As expected, many people loved it and commented on how wonderful a person she is, however, there were about two comments who asked if she is a Nigerian like it is impossible for a Nigerian to be that wonderful.

I was appalled and I told them we are not all terrible in Nigeria and white people are not all angels. I mean I don’t understand why is it we are quick to accept a white person did something right but we are full of doubts when we are speaking about ourselves?

Isn’t it clear slavery is still somewhere lurking in our brains?

I mean I have nothing against white people but it is untrue that they are all good while we are the ones who are all bad. Whether we like it or not, some certain things are not Nigerian, they are as a result of being human and you will see those same behaviours anywhere in the world, as far humans reside there.

As much as we like to think it is, it is not a Nigerian thing, it is a world thing. People are people everywhere. We have the good, the bad and the ugly everywhere in the world.