Once upon a time, there was a girl. No, a woman. Okay, I think we should stick to ‘lady’. ‘Woman’ just sounds too old considering I know who we are talking about here.

So her name is Ayandola. Yes, you heard right … me.

Yeah, this story is actually about me. Or more accurately, something I experienced.

Now, I honestly usually mind my business. I mean, I am not about to go stressing myself about other people’s business, I have enough on my head to worry about.

So yes, if you didn’t know, now you do. I don’t poke my nose into matters that don’t concern me, not at all.

I was minding my business as usual walking home from God knows where – I can’t seem to remember where I was coming from anymore. But I was almost close to the house when I saw them.

“You are a foolish woman.”

The other replied, “You are the stupid one.”

Ahn ahn! What can shele? What can fa? Why are two women –in this case, women, because they are married and all – exchanging words like this in public?

I was perplexed. I still minded my business though, so I didn’t ask them any questions.

But I knew I would have to write about it, so I had to reduce my stride, so I could get to the crux of the matter.

It is solely for the sake of this article! It was definitely not because I also wanted to know. I would never do that.

Anyways, I got the gist.

These two women were standing in front of a school and they both came to pick their wards. One had a car, the other didn’t. Apparently, the mobile woman almost or maybe hit (didn’t really get that part) the immobile one.

The woman that was almost or maybe hit wanted an apology. The woman that almost or maybe hit another didn’t think she deserved it because she saw a car and walked behind it.

That was the reason for the skirmish.

Note: the children of both women were there watching, taking it all in.

Now, you see the reason for making it my business?

I don’t understand how two grown up women with children to serve as an example to would stand on the road exchanging words with each other, no matter the reason. I call them grown because they seem older than me – seeing that they have children and all.

But I wouldn’t listen to me. I have a terrible habit of thinking people are older than they actually are. I have been known to think people are 40, only to find out they are just 20.

However, whatever the case, whether they are older than me or not, if you have gotten married, you have a demanding responsibility to grow up. Please, grow up for the sake of your children because you are their greatest example.

How on earth will those women tell their children not to fight and expect them to listen? Children are like sponges that soak up what they see, not what they hear. The best way to teach children is for their parents to act as example.

When my nephew was less than two, he knew how to fix an earphone into a phone only by watching his father. The best way to teach children is by serving as an example.

Definitely, the son of the mobile woman would not apologize if he trips Samson up in school the next day. Why? Because mummy didn’t apologize so it must be right.

And the son of the other woman would beat Samson up if he trips him up and doesn’t apologize because mummy didn’t let it go when that woman almost hit her, so it must be the right thing to do.

You want your children to be model citizens? The answer is simple: be the model citizen.